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What You Should Know

How is Click Mortgage different than a bank?

Banks will offer you a single product. Click Mortgage gives you access to 30+ banks and lenders, including the big banks like Scotia, TD, and others. Click will get your mortgage faster, with a better experience. But don't just take our word for it - check our reviews!

Is Click Mortgage free?
Who pays you?

Yes! Our services are no cost to you. The lender who funds your mortgage will pay us a finder's fee. Only in rare cases will we charge a fee (on private or commercial files) in which case our fee will be disclosed in advance.

Why don't I see any rates listed on your website?

Mortgage rules have changed in Canada and borrowers now have to qualify for their rate. Other factors, such as the level of penalty you are OK with, whether or not the mortgage will be insured, and the down payment amount, all affect the rates available. Instead of posting something, and having to walk it back later if the rate is unavailable to you, we'd rather connect with you first.

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