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Self Employed Mortgages

Self Employed Mortgages

Getting a mortgage as a self-employed person is not impossible. In fact, far from it.

The main challenge with a self-employed mortgage is proving your income, especially if you write off as much of it as possible.

Our leading-edge technology will cut the work out of proving your income. We will retrieve your tax information for you (with your consent, of course), allowing us a full picture of your income and tax history. Armed with this information, we'll find the solution that maximizes your buying power, and minimizes your interest rate.

Multiple lenders, maximum qualification

Not all banks and lenders view the same business the same way. Let us navigate all the jargon and get you the best rate and maximum qualification.

No surprises

We underwrite all of our files up front. This means your pre-approval is accurate, and won't set you up for surprises at an unwelcome time (like when you're trying to make an offer).

Best rates and terms

We'll get you the same awesome mortgages that we would get for our (also Self-Employed) selves!

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