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Mortgage Renewals

Mortgage Renewals

If you still owe anything on your mortgage at the renewal date, you will have to renew for another term!

In the last 4 months of the term, many lenders will reach out with an early renewal offer. This offer will include a new mortgage rate (which is usually a measly 1% below their posted rates, or something in that range), a new term (usually the same as what you had), and a new payment amount. There will also be an acceptance letter, that you can sign and return to accept the lender's offer. By signing, you are agreeing to the offer, and you enter into a new mortgage term.

If that seemed too easy to be worthwhile, you're right. Convenience comes at a price - but it doesn't have to. We know everything that’s out there and find the best options for you. We'll save you time and money by doing the shopping around for you.

Renew your mortgage with Click. Because you have money to save and better things to do!

Better rates and conditions

We go out of our way to find you the best rates, features, and fine print to keep more money in your bank account.

All your options in one place

Mortgages are not one size fits all. We know everything that’s out there and we find the best options for you. Don't take the risk of just signing your existing lender's renewal.

Painless and paperless

Renewing a mortgage can be simple, without leaving money on the table. Ditch the Tylenol and renew with Click.

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